Pictures of women being punished

She will beg. She will plead. She will kick her legs and try to wiggle away. But these bad females are in for real punishment. See them bent over with their panties around their ankles. Imagine them crying for forgiveness. Imagine each of these naughty girls whimpering while there bare bums are repeatedly smacked paddled and caned!
Some naughty girls need more than just a spanking, in fact some need a fucking too. Some misbehavior requires strict anal punishment as well. Sometimes they need to get spanked and ass fucked.
It's a lot of work punishing these women, but there are places where you can see the dedication to ensuring naughty behavior gets dealt with.

How to spank your wife erotically

How to erotically spank a woman

So first things first, does your lady want to be spanked and is this the first time?
We will assume that it is yes to both.

How to begin
Well you want this to be an erotic spanking, so start with setting the mood. Get some
candles and give the room, some nice soft light. Tell your wife or girlfriend how sexy her ass is and tell her how much your looking forward to spanking it. Build up a little suspense before you start. Show her the spanking instruments you plan on using and hold her tight while you gently take a hairbrush, paddle or just your hand and rub her still clothed ass with it. Make a point about how your going to love seeing her juicy round butt turn a nice red.

Another good way to build a little suspense is to inform her that she is to go into the bedroom and strip down to just her panties.  She is to bend over the edge of the bed with her bottom facing the doorway and wait for you while get the things you'll need. 
Wait about 5 minutes and then walk into the room. This will set a little bit of healthy 
erotic tension.

Things you will need

Something to spank her with, unless your just using your hand. A favorite sex toy or two like a vibrator and for more kinky action a good solid butt plug. Don't forget some lubricating gel. You'll want to slide a butt plug into her anus or smoothly vibrate her clit
while your spanking her ass. A good erotic spanking should be about getting the lady wet, hot and very horny. Your going to want to have sex after her spanking.  Get some soothing
oil to rub all over her nicely heated bottom when your done.

The Erotic spanking positions

OTK or better known as 'Over the knee'.
This position is the most intimate and offers skin to skin contact. A great way for both of you to enjoy the spanking is to have the male sit with his back leaning against the head board of the bed and his legs stretched out. The woman then climbs up over his lap, forcing
her bottom to be in an ideal spanking position. The man can lean back and be relaxed and the women can be fairly comfortable at least until her ass begins to heat up :)
Another variation is the man sitting in a chair with no arm rests, and the woman drapes
herself over his knees. Generally her hands will need to rest on the floor to keep herself
steady. It also makes her pretty helpless to protect her burning behind. The man has a lot
of control this way so it's important for the woman to have complete trust in her man. You
can do this on the couch too. The husband sits back and the wife puts her bare bottom up
over his knee.

How To spank her and make her cum?

Always start slow and gentle. Everyone has their own pain tolerance and you don't want to
exceed that. Remember the idea is to spank erotically and make her so hot and horny that she
will want to have the best sex ever! So how do you do this?
Assuming that you have planned this out and the wife agrees to having her clit vibed and a plug in her ass, you can begin. First give her bare bottom a couple of firm smacks and then rub her skin a couple of times. Repeat until she starts to squirm and her bottoms heats up. Now get the vibrator and turn it on. Lube the whole area around her vagina including herasshole and hold the vibe on her clit. Now give her bottom a couple of good strong smacks.Now slide the vibe in and out of her pussy and then smack her ass a couple more times. This should get her pussy juices flowing. Feel her pussy and see if shes wet. If she is then it's time for the next level.

Take the butt plug and slide it around her anus but don't put it in yet. Take your time and
keep her bottom warmed up by spanking and sliding the butt plug around. Feel her pussy again
and if she's even wetter then it's time to slip the plug up her ass.
Give her about ten hard smacks with your hand and then gently insert the plug. She should be moaning by now and is ready for a good hard spanking.
The final step here is to set the vibe against her clit on full blast and with the plug still in her ass give her a good hard fast spanking, but not for too long. When she starts 
moaning and yelping it's time to start fucking. You can keep the plug in her butt while you
fuck her pussy. This is almost guaranteed to make her cum like crazy.

Enjoy and have a good spanking time!
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Spanking 101
Want to spank your partner but don't know quite how? We'll show you the kind of approach that women into spanking appreciate the most and how to follow through.
Want a spanking from your partner but don't know how to get it? This video contains common sense advice on how to communicate your needs.
Want to see cute and sexy women try to give advice on spanking while they are being spanked? Yep, we go there! Because Spanking 101 is a spanking video like no other, one that will amuse and arouse and but give you great tips on spanking, that you can apply in real life!
In addition to illustrating a variety of spanking techniques, our genial ensemble of two smart guys and three lively girls, discuss major aspects of the spanking culture, from the use of safe words to where it's safe to strike, in a lively and engaging manner. They also address important milestones in a typical person's journey through the scene, such how a spanking wife tells her vanilla husband she's in the scene, and how that vanilla husband can react, if he chooses, in a not so vanilla style, and wow his spanking wife with the discipline she craves.
We show you how ask for a spanking, how to give a spanking, how to keep a spanking safe and fun without sacrificing any excitement or spontaneity. Of course we couldn't answer every question a beginner might have about spanking in one video, so we concentrated on what we felt to be the most important facets of turning an interest in spanking into a satisfying recreational pastime.. We explore positioning, attitude, apparel, scolding, warm ups, implements, mercy words, whining and wheedling, obedience and disobedience, hand vs leather, leather vs wood, traditional over the knee spanking, with hand, paddle and strap, grab your ankles spanking, bend over caning and more. Running time: 1 hour.

Lesson One:
"Getting your husband or boyfriend to give you a spanking" Wanting a spanking and never getting one can be very frustrating! Since most people are NOT into spanking, this is a perpetual challenge to spanking enthusiasts. Perhaps your fellow hasn't turned you over his knee because he just hasn't thought of it. Maybe the time has come to plant the idea in his head. This video will show you how!

Lesson Two:
Includes: styles of spanking, positions of punishment, enticing apparel, spanking attitudes, where and where not to strike, implements of correction, mercy words and more all explanations accompanied by dramatic depictions. Concludes with a vigorous double spanking that demonstrates exactly when and how a mercy word can come in handy.

Lesson Three:
A good caning. Traci Greer and Alex Best take it to a different level with a strictly and precisely applied caning that leaves our lovely, leggy blonde bad girl well marked.The charming, vivacious and very naughty Clare Fonda hosts Spanking 101 and has her stunning bottom spanked and paddled by both Danny Chrighton and her fellow Brit, Alex Best.

Every thing you want to know about spanking erotically is in this movie
Spanking 101