Pictures of women being punished

She will beg. She will plead. She will kick her legs and try to wiggle away. But these bad females are in for real punishment. See them bent over with their panties around their ankles. Imagine them crying for forgiveness. Imagine each of these naughty girls whimpering while there bare bums are repeatedly smacked paddled and caned!
Some naughty girls need more than just a spanking, in fact some need a fucking too. Some misbehavior requires strict anal punishment as well. Sometimes they need to get spanked and ass fucked.
It's a lot of work punishing these women, but there are places where you can see the dedication to ensuring naughty behavior gets dealt with.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Women want their husbands to spank and fuck them

Some women daydream about getting spanked. Why? Because it makes them incredibly horny. Some women when there in the mood for sex will try everything to get their husbands to spank them. They want to be spanked, fondled and fucked. Spanking and foreplay are the two most important things.
Some want to be tied face down with their arms behind their backs, their legs wide open and their bottoms fully exposed.
They want a strong man to tell them that they are getting a spanking and there's not a thing they can do about it.
Some even want to have butt plugs, vibrators or long thin dongs deep in there asses while the spanking is administered. Some just want a vibrator pressed against their clit so they can cum hard and long while their bottoms are turned red.
Some women prefer to be spanked over their husbands knee and then have sex afterward.

An adventurous women who is already into anal sex might want her hubby to give her an enema in the bathroom and after she has been cleaned out properly she want another enema and be turned over his knee for a good hard spanking while trying to hold the enema water in.
When he is finished punishing her bare bottom he will allow her to expel the water and then send her into the bedroom where she will be tied face down with her bottom raised by a large pillow.
A large vibrating butt plug can be inserted into her rectum and a remote control vib can be pressed against her clit. A leather paddle can then be used to give her a another spanking. This is almost guaranteed to make her squirt. Will she love it? Yes very much. Women need stimulation and the ass is perfect for receiving lots of attention.
After you have brought her to orgasm it's time to fuck her good. Slowly pull out the butt plug and if you have a nice long thin dong fuck her ass with it for a few minutes before inserting your cock. She will almost certainly cum again and again


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