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She will beg. She will plead. She will kick her legs and try to wiggle away. But these bad females are in for real punishment. See them bent over with their panties around their ankles. Imagine them crying for forgiveness. Imagine each of these naughty girls whimpering while there bare bums are repeatedly smacked paddled and caned!
Some naughty girls need more than just a spanking, in fact some need a fucking too. Some misbehavior requires strict anal punishment as well. Sometimes they need to get spanked and ass fucked.
It's a lot of work punishing these women, but there are places where you can see the dedication to ensuring naughty behavior gets dealt with.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Secretary gets her round rump spanked

It's Saturday and Miss Ketti gets called to work overtime in the office. Whenever the Boss calls Miss Ketti she knows the work will be on her ass! She's quite the little slut and doesn't mind playing with her pussy to get into the right mood.

She's gets off on being spanked as much as the boss gets off spanking her. Miss Ketti dressed carefully putting on her sexiest outfit complete with stockings and garter. She wiggles her ass all the way into the Boss's office and asks what she can do for him.
Miss Ketti tries to look surprised as the boss pulls her over his knee for good long spanking.

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