Pictures of women being punished

She will beg. She will plead. She will kick her legs and try to wiggle away. But these bad females are in for real punishment. See them bent over with their panties around their ankles. Imagine them crying for forgiveness. Imagine each of these naughty girls whimpering while there bare bums are repeatedly smacked paddled and caned!
Some naughty girls need more than just a spanking, in fact some need a fucking too. Some misbehavior requires strict anal punishment as well. Sometimes they need to get spanked and ass fucked.
It's a lot of work punishing these women, but there are places where you can see the dedication to ensuring naughty behavior gets dealt with.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Spanking Belt

Ms Star's appointment with the spanking belt

The phone rings. "Mr Bailey, there’s a Ms Star in the lobby for you."

"Thank you, Melissa, send her up. And hold all calls for the next half hour."

I replace the receiver and reread the letter that arrived in my mail a few days before: “Dear Mr Bailey, I am responding to your advertisement for corrective therapy. There is a stubborn young mother of my acquaintance who delights in behaving like a spoiled brat and deserves severe spanking punishment. I would deem it a personal favor if you could find the time to deal with her waywardness, Yours faithfully, A dear friend.”

As I finish rereading the letter there is a knock at the door and, without waiting for a reply, a flame-haired young woman walks in, looking very fetching in her black skirt suit. Annoyed by her impertinent entrance, I busy myself with papers on my desk.

“Hello?” she says impatiently.

“I’ll be with you in a minute.”

“I don’t have a minute. I’m late for a lunch date.”

I look up and see the defiance in her striking green eyes. This woman is clearly trouble. I know I’m going to enjoy putting a deep blush on her cheeks. The thought amuses me.

“What’s so funny?” she demands.

I pause. “Do you know why you’re here?”

“I was told you had something important to give me.”

“Have you an inkling what that something might be?”

“I’m hoping it’s diamonds.”

“Ms Star, I think you better sit down while you still can.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”


She takes a seat opposite me and I hand her the letter from her “Dear friend”. She looks bemused as she reads it. The bemusement soon turns to outrage.

“This is preposterous,” she says, rising to her feet, “Do I look like the kind of person who would allow herself to be severely punished by a complete stranger. Good day, sir.” Her angry words are betrayed by the tiny smile breaking across her lips as she turns and strides towards the door.

Which, of course is now locked.

“Open this door,” she demands

"Turn round and hitch up your skirt."

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Did you hear what I said, Ms Star. I want that skirt hitched up around your waist – now!”

“But ...” Her objection trails away as I hold her stare, making it silently clear that there is no escape from what is about to happen. Her tone is meeker when she next speaks. “What are you planning to do?”

“I am going to take my belt to that naughty ass of yours and teach you a lesson you will never forget.”

“But I’m a good girl,” she says coyly.

I take hold of her shoulders and, maintaining my stern piercing stare, I explain; “Ms Star, I know very little about you, but even after a few minutes acquaintance I can tell you are definitely not a good girl – you are a spoilt stubborn and impudent little brat who needs a strong man to give you the spanking of your life. Now, turn around and lift up your skirt.”

Ms Star blushes and starts to pull her skirt up over her thighs. “This isn’t fair,” she mutters.

“Don’t speak. I’ll do the talking.”

She stands before me with her skirt around her waist. I make a swivelling gesture with my finger. She spins on her toes. I feast on the gorgeous cheeks of her bottom, spilling out of black lace knickers. I move closer, stand close behind her and cup the cute cheeks of her ass in my hand. I whisper in her ear. “Bend over the desk.”

She hesitates for a moment. I give her bottom a hefty clout.


“If you think that hurts just wait till I take off my belt. Bend over!”

Quivering slightly, she turns to face the desk. Her movements are slow and resigned. She leans forward until her elbows are on the desk top. I press my hand on the small of her back, forcing her to arch her back and lift her butt into the air.

I pause for a moment then slip my fingers under the waist band of her panties and, with a sharp tug, whip them down to her knees.

“Oh dear,” she mumbles.

“Oh dear indeed, Ms Star. You’ve had this coming for too long.” I smooth my hand over her beguiling bare bottom, then lift my arm and unleash six almighty SPANKS to her bare cheeks, hard enough to make her catch her breath. I step back and admire the red blush on her buttocks as I unbuckle my belt and unloop it from my trousers.

Ms Star turns and peers at me over her shoulder. She’s looking panicked – as well she should – but there is no entreaty for me to stop. She knows that her fate is in my hands, and nothing she can say or do will save her from the almighty spanking she is about to experience. She bends forward on the table, arching her ass even higher into the air, inviting the first lash of my belt.

I happily oblige. Raising the belt high in the air, I unleash a series of smarting swipes across the bare cheeks of her ass, pausing between each one. Six of the very best. Then six more – THWACK! SPLAT! SPANK! – so hard that she flinches at each blow. The last one is loudest of all. The crack of the belt on her defenceless bottom and her accompanying yelps of anguish echo around the room and shudder the windows.

I step back. The sight of her livid bottom arouses me unspeakably. I do love my job!

I put my belt back on. “Now I have work to do – you may go.” I slap her bottom once more, then go back to my desk and resume my work.

She reaches down to pull up her panties.

“Wait!” I say. “I’ll have those.”

“What? I can’t go without panties, not with a skirt this short!”

“Do you want another spanking?” A rather stupid question because I can tell by the sparkle in her eyes and that she has enjoyed her punishment as much as I have.

I hold out my hand. She reluctantly untangles out of her panties from her ankles and gives them to me. I tuck the keepsake into my breast pocket. She pulls her skirt back into place, tugging it down as far as she can. My secretary comes in and shows her out.

A few moments later I am at my window, watching Ms Star heading off to her lunch date. A light breeze is in the air and I can’t resist a smile as I watch her trying to not expose her bright red bottom as she hurries down the crowded street

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