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She will beg. She will plead. She will kick her legs and try to wiggle away. But these bad females are in for real punishment. See them bent over with their panties around their ankles. Imagine them crying for forgiveness. Imagine each of these naughty girls whimpering while there bare bums are repeatedly smacked paddled and caned!
Some naughty girls need more than just a spanking, in fact some need a fucking too. Some misbehavior requires strict anal punishment as well. Sometimes they need to get spanked and ass fucked.
It's a lot of work punishing these women, but there are places where you can see the dedication to ensuring naughty behavior gets dealt with.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Giving her the spanking she deserves

Giving her the spanking she deserves

It has been my duty – and delight – to punish many naughty girls over the years, but nothing had prepared me for the brazenness of the young woman sitting next to me in the executive box at Old Trafford, lustfully watching Ronaldo dazzling on the right wing.

“Oh boy, he can fuck me any way he wants to,” she sighed, shifting forward to the edge of her seat, her short loose skirt inching up her thighs. “In fact, I’d love to fuck the whole lot of them – the entire team – let them strip me naked and drench me in their cum.” Her hand slipped down between her legs, under her skirt.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. It was deep into the second half, and Melissa had spent the last hour regaling me with stories of debauchery, cataloguing her adventures in Manchester and Spain. I heard about all the strangers she’d flashed, the bouncers she’d sucked off, the guys she’d danced dirty with in nightclubs, the wild days-long orgies in which she’d offered her tits, arse and pussy to anyone who wanted a taste.

“You have no shame!” I laughed as her finger slipped into her panties.

She grinned at me. “I’m a good girl really.”

“Good girls don’t bend over in the middle of the Matt Busby Way and let hundreds of blokes see her little white knickers.”

“I dropped my ticket,” she replied, trying to sound innocent.

“Good girls also don’t show their tits to the waiter.”

She grinned again, broader than ever. “I got us extra prawn sandwiches, didn’t I?

“Most of all, good girls do not finger fuck themselves in polite company.”

“Maybe you’re right,” she replied with a slight pout, “but I’m sooo fucking wet! Do you want to feel?”

Of course I wanted to feel. There were a whole load of things I intended to do with this gorgeous little slut once the match was over. But for now, as she sprung to her feet and leaned forward to get a better look at the action on the pitch, letting her tiny skirt ride up to reveal her sexy bum spilling out of those unspeakably cute little knickers, I decided there was something else she needed – something that was long overdue.

With an instinct borne of years of experience, I swung my hand back and swiped it swiftly and vehemently across her backside, my open palm connecting with a resounding SPAAAAAAAANK!!!!!!!!!

“OW!!!” Mel leapt into the air, She swung round and faced me with a stunned look on her face.

“I didn’t see that coming,” she said.

“Too busy fantasising about Ronaldo’s cock in your mouth.”

She twisted around, hiked up her skirt, and looked at the red handprint on her left buttock. A little smile danced on her lips. “Wow Tom, you know how to leave your mark.”

I stepped forward and placed my hands on her shoulders. “My dear, I haven’t even started.”

“Started what?” Her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

Starting giving you the sound spanking you so richly deserve.”

Mel’s eyes opened further in surprise. “A spanking? But won’t that really hurt?”

“Like you cannot imagine.”

“God! Poor little me!” She tried to feign pity, but I could sense the excitement quivering through her slim horny body. The little mischievous smile was back as let one hand run down my body over my swelling jeans and said, “I don’t suppose there is any way I can persuade you to change your mind.”

I grabbed her arm and wrenched it behind her back, pulling her closer to me. “Stop that right now.”

She sighed and pressed closely, rubbing her tautness against me, defining the hardness of my erection against her thigh. “I’ll let you cum in my mouth,” she said.

“Aren’t you already in enough trouble?” I replied, my breath shortening as she ground herself against my stiff cock.

“Come on Tom, we both know you’re going to fuck my brains out when we get back to yours – why wait?”

The offer to bury myself in her hot sweet pussy right there and then was very tempting, but I was determined to stay focussed on the task at hand. Perching on the edge of a table I spun her round and over until she tumbled across my raised knee. I flipped up her short floaty skirt to expose her smooth almost-unblemished arse. Her skimpy knickers did nothing to cover her bareness, but nevertheless I grabbed the waistband and yanked violently, ripping them off and leaving them in scraps around her knees.

She let out a startled cry and teased in anticipation of what was to come. Most girls in this position instinctively try and cover their bare bums with their hands. Not Mel. She wriggled and twisted, seeming to try to struggle free, but by the time I’d wrapped my arm tightly around her waist and trapped her legs to pin her in place she had managed to manoeuvre herself so that her arse was high and proud over my knee, an easy and willing target.

I paused, admiring her, my hand lightly caressing her firm shapely arse.

“What are you waiting for, Christmas?” she said mockingly.

This young woman knew precisely which buttons to press. With a sudden anger I delivered a gigantic SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! to her cheeky upturned arse. She yelped, and that spurred me on to slap her again harder, then again, and again. Settling into a fast rhythmic tattoo, I spanked her with ever-increasing vigour, setting fire to her wriggling arse with stinging slaps that made her cry out in shock and awe. I was sure people in neighbouring executive boxes could hear the sound and fury of her punishment, but frankly I didn’t care. For the next five minutes the air was filled with angry SPANKS!!!!!!!!!! and breathless ows and oohs. I was determined to make sure Mel found out what a damn good spanking really felt like.

By now I was so inflamed by the joy of tanning her breathlessly beautiful bottom, and so physically aroused by the way she was bucking in my lap and gyrating against my rock hard cock, that the urge to bend her over the table and fuck her without mercy was almost to hard to resist. However –


The crowd erupted. I stalled, my hand suspended in mid air, whilst Mel looked up with a joyous grin on her flushed tear-streaked face.

“Who scored?” she asked. She took advantage of my relaxed grip and hoicked herself off my lap, turning her attention to the pitch where Ronaldo was spinning away from the goal and disappearing under a melee of frantic gleeful team-mates. “I knew it!” she yelled ecstatically.

She leaned forward to get a better look. Her skirt was still up around her waist, her knickers wrapped around one ankle and her arse redder than United’s shirts. The sight was almost enough to make me to cum in my pants. I could feel the devil rising within me. I unbuckled my belt and slipped it from my jeans. I raised the belt high and brought it down with an earth-shattering CRACK!!!!!!!!! on her defenceless bare bum.

“FUCK!!!” she howled, dancing from one foot to the other. She looked at me with a pained expression on her face. “That’s just cruel,” she said.

“I know.”

“Any more of those and I’ll never sit down again.” But did she beg for mercy? Did she promise that she’d learnt her lesson and would be a good girl from now on? Of course she didn’t! She turned, leaned forward once again, raised her livid arse even higher into the air and peered at me over her shoulder with a crafty little smile on her face, inviting me to thrash the living daylights out of her already blazing bottom.

You had to admire this amazing girl’s sense of adventure.

Later, as we headed away from the ground, buoyant with victory (Rooney added a second deep in injury time), Melissa strode majestically though the crowds, utterly shameless about the way her wispy skirt floated up in the light breeze exhibiting her bright red arse for all to see. I followed a few paces behind, with her torn knickers in my pocket, eagerly anticipating the wild sucking and fucking that lay ahead.

When we were standing on the crowed metro, our bodies forced tight against each other, she loudly announced, “Thanks Tom, did you know I almost came when you belted my arse?”

Bystanders raised their eyebrows and exchanged looks of intrigue. I pulled her to me, cupped her hot bum cheeks and whispered in her ear, “When we get home, your cunt is mine.”

She leaned against me, sinking into my embrace. “My everything is yours. My arse, my tits, my pussy. Do what you will.”

And believe me, that evening, night and long into the following day, I treated my sweet little spank whore with all the love and respect she deserved.

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